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Hi!  I'm Suzy,

Embodied Wisdom Guide

I provide holistic private coaching, group embodiment experiences, and full immersion courses dedicated to empowerment through personal growth and self-mastery.  

I work with women who are ready to live confidently in their own skin. Women who may feel lost, overwhelmed, and/or who are looking for more ease and balance in their life.  

As your guide, I'll share the tools with you that have been proven to liberate mind, body, and spirit so you can get back in touch with your innate wisdom and live the life you dream about with clarity, purpose, and confidence.  

We'll use movement, mindfulness, and community connection to align all the aspects of your being so that you may be elevated and attuned to the highest version of yourself. Our work together is about self-empowerment.  You'll develop practices that will give you actionable tools to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and where your true power lies.

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Full Circle - Circling Back to Self

A 6-month full embodied immersion into your heroine's journey.

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Women's Embodiment Circles

Monthly Via Zoom

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Sarah Forbes

"This past year has been a challenging one, to say the least, and I feel a strong need for connection with my fellow sisters. Circle is new to me, and while I have strong bonds with women in my life, friends, and family, there is something enriching and inspiring about connecting in the structured, guided way of Women's Embodiment Circles. I’m looking forward to deepening my knowledge of self and others, and to contributing and receiving love, support, and guidance in circle."

Movement Classes

Weekly Nia Technique Classes

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Andrea Grayson

"I just love Suzy's classes.  She has such an inclusive and welcoming vibe that is an invitation to explore, move, and celebrate the gifts of our bodies. Wherever we may be with them. Move a little or go big, there’s always a choice to move into what feels good and right.

Practicing Nia with Suzy is like going to a personal anatomy lesson disguised as a party. There’s always so much insight as to how the body works, integrates and expresses, and we learn about it experientially. Theory becomes alive as we explore the different types of movement, how they make us feel, and how they express different parts of ourselves. Joyous. Just joyous.

Suzy is an expert teacher, coaxing us to move in ways that will awaken the body-mind connection and feel-into who we are in our bodies. She excels at inclusive cuing: every instruction is an invitation to try moving as she is moving, but to do it in OUR OWN way, embracing our body’s limitations and expansiveness.

 It is hard not to leave a class feeling uplifted and joyful, and stretched-out, and vibrating at a higher level.

 If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a class, and feel intimated about group fitness or dance classes, then Suzy’s Nia classes are a great place to jump back in. While we take inspiration from her moves and guidance leading the class, there is lots of room for self-expression and interpretation, so even if you have limited mobility you will move what you can and be transformed and freed by it.

I have deep gratitude for what she brings to the world."