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When you show up fully embodied and present - EVERYTHING is possible. 

Be the Heart-Centered leader of your life and create from the depths of your BEING. 

I'm Ready

The Path to Wholeness... 

I believe that all of our experiences must be honored if we are to fully embody our agency. 

It is possible to integrate traumatized, fragmented, and disconnected parts of ourself and experience a confident and sustained feeling of wholeness.


Whether you're: 
✨ navigating a change or transition
✨ seeking personal mastery
✨ improving relationships
✨ integrating powerful insights and awakenings, or
✨ stepping into your leadership...

I've got you. 

You are unique.  I will meet you where you are based on your goals and desires. 

My coaching is trauma informed and blends a heart-centered approach with high-performance strategies for unstoppable outcomes that are aligned on a soul level.

Your development is personal!

After struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin for years, I finally decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to conquer my own insecurities has turned into a system that has helped hundreds of my clients step into who they really are and confidently show up in their lives like never before.


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Let's Co-Create Magic


Personal Development

Upgrade your inner operating system and eliminate blocks.  Meet your goals and manifest your dreams.  Activate your best self.


Relationships & Integrations

Strengthen your relationships and embolden your life with effective communication. 

Integrate big life experiences or revelational "ah ha" moments into your consciousness and make it meaningful.


Personal Leadership & Business Mindset

Whether you're leading a team at work or leading yourself through your business or life - it all starts from within.   Step into your leadership - and watch everything change. 



Everything I have done with you has empowered an improvement in my healing journey and I cannot thank you enough!

Jill Nye-Mckeown

Carolina Moon Macky

I love your simple yet profound ways of communicating introspection and loving ourselves and others as well. 
I am thankful for you.


I love your simple yet profound ways of communicating introspection and loving ourselves and others as well. 
I am thankful for you.

Carolina Moon Macky

Thank you for making me feel like a star today!
I am usually the typical shy person that hides,
so it feels extraordinary to face my fears.

Kasey Permenter

Training Course

Everyday Embodiment Masterclass Experience

You'll receive 23 masterclasses with feminine leaders in embodiment from around the globe.  

The way now is through the body

Have you been trying to hold it all together? 
Feeling strapped, stressed, tired or alone? 
Ready for something (anything) to shift?

Then this Masterclass bundle is for YOU! 

Shake off what's bothering you. 
Move through what's holding you back. 
Reconnect to your inner guidance.
Amplify your life force energy. 
Get out of whatever trance you're in. 

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Feb 20, 2023

Today is my 1 year Anniversary! 🎉

Feb 21, 2023

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