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Before we could have memories our family dynamics were leaving imprints upon us at a cellular level.

In addition to what we learned from our mothers, fathers, and other guardians - what impact and impression did our religious leaders, political leaders, magazines, TV, and other societal influences have on us? 

I know that when we spend time reflecting on our relationships and experiences, we get to become aware and acknowledge where our beliefs and agreements first took root. With awareness, we can create sustainable change from an empowered place that honors our life experiences. 

We use the information that we become aware of to redirect our trajectory, cultivate compassion for ourselves and others, and heal our wounds and traumas.  


I believe at my core that our Great Mother, Mother Earth, and all of humanity need us (those willing to do the work to elevate consciousness) to rise up as evolutionary human beings. 


We've been taught that overachieving is how we succeed.

We've been taught to put others first. 

We've been taught to give of ourselves unselfishly. 

We've been taught to keep our mouths shut. 


Frankly - this is what is killing us. 

It's time to unhook from the conditioning. 

Rewrite our present, and actualize the future we dream about. 


"Suzy is an amazing leader. She is wise, intuitive, compassionate, and leads from the heart. She has a tremendous ability to listen, to respond, to meet people where they are, and to fan the flame of growth and more inspired living in all those she works with.

I have worked with Suzy as a  participant in her workshops and also as a co-facilitator. She truly knows how to bring out the best in people and is a joy to be around."

Elisa S. Keeler
Light on the Hill retreat facilitator
MA Transpersonal Psychology
Founder of Freeing Your Voice

Suzy has been guiding mindful movement for 15 years.  Her passion is for going deep to help people transform limiting life patterns and habits with embodied wisdom. 

She expanded into facilitating women's circles to go even deeper for even greater transformation. 


Now she is using the powerful Deep Transformation framework to support sustainable change in the lives of her clients so they can flourish and thrive.  Suzy brings a background in human development, leadership training, massage therapy, mindfulness training, life coaching, and trauma-informed expertise to her work with her clients.