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Everyday Embodiment Masterclass Experience

You'll receive 23 masterclasses with feminine leaders in embodiment from around the globe.  

The way now is through the body

Have you been trying to hold it all together? 
Feeling strapped, stressed, tired or alone? 
Ready for something (anything) to shift?

Then this Masterclass bundle is for YOU! 

Shake off what's bothering you. 
Move through what's holding you back. 
Reconnect to your inner guidance.
Amplify your life force energy. 
Get out of whatever trance you're in. 

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FULL CIRCLE  - Circling Back to Self

Take this 6-month Journey to return to your heart with a circle of women walking the path together. 

> This is a space for you to remember your sacredness. 
> Embody your wholeness.
> Practice responding to life with grace and integrity. 
> Feel your juiciness. 
> Tap into your wisdom, and enjoy the empowerment coursing through you… 

YOU are here to come alive! 

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Take the 6-week Mini-Journey with me into the foundations of

On the Pathways To Self-Love journey, you'll:
> Connect deeper into loving-kindness & compassion
> Explore your relationships with awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, trust, and respect.
> Embody more of your wholeness and feel the potency, strength, and sacredness of who you are.
> Get intimate with the pillars of self-love that allow you to go deeper and expand further with confidence, trust, and authenticity.

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." ~Rupi Kaur

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It's time to begin the Emerge Experience. 

 A 6-week challenge of showing up for yourself. 
> If you question your purpose - this challenge is for you. 
If you feel the urge to grow and aren't sure where to begin - this is for you. 
If you're seeking to reconnect with the feminine aspects of yourself - this is for you! 
> During the next 6 weeks, you will be invited to tap into your heart, connect to your truth, and explore it all using embodiment practices.

This experience will help you ground your vision of yourself. Honor all aspects of who you are and the journey you've been on. Emerge with greater confidence, clarity, connection, ease, and grace - all qualities of an evolutionary woman!

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