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There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.

-Charles Dickens
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My mission is to be a supportive and reliable guide, helping my clients to reach their goals by creating clarity and inspiring action. I want to empower individuals to create meaningful and lasting changes in their life, help them uncover their unique gifts, and to challenge them to live with purpose, passion, and joy.

Are you: 

Struggling with confidence?
Feeling like a failure or fear failure?
Questioning your purpose?
Feeling deeply unsettled or unsatisfied in any way?


This means you are aware that there is potential to feel something different. 
✨ You know confidence is possible. 
✨ You know you don't want to feel like a failure. 
✨ You know you have purpose. 
✨ You know there is something else that will satisfy your soul. 
This is why you come to coaching. 
You get to honor and embody what is true for you and create something different for yourself, and I get to partner with you to make it happen! 


"Human problems are relational problems." - Chris Burris 


Meaning, every thought of fear, all the questioning of confidence, worthiness, purpose, and value...  have come from how you have interpreted interactions and experiences in your past. 
What you've learned as a child and what you've experienced as an adult plays a part in how you feel about yourself and see yourself in relationship to everyone and everything around you. 


Work with Suzy

Why Work with a Coach

  • It's a practical way to support mental and emotional health.
  • A lot has changed recently and you're wondering, "what the hell just happened?" 
  • Change is on the horizon - empty nest, parenting, career change, or retirement
  • You're not meeting your own goals
  • You keep thinking, "Is this all there is?" "I have everything I thought I wanted, why do I feel so empty?"
  • Your business is struggling - You've hired the big coaches, and tried all the strategies - you don't understand what's not working
  • You don't feel heard or seen and struggle to speak up even when you want to
  • You don't feel confident expressing yourself - from your sexuality and sexual desires, to how you dress
  • Your plate is full and you feel overwhelmed and tired all the time

Where would you like support?

"We must be willing to relinquish the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

-Joseph Campbell 

Work with Suzy

Start here

Initial Consult

It's YOUR life! 
What gets to happen next for you?
I will help you explore that & make it happen.


Everyone starts here.  

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to coaching or have worked with lots of coaches before...

This call helps us get to know each other and what you want right now so we can determine what the best pathway forward for you may be. It also helps us both decide if we're a good fit to work together! 

Book A Clarity Call

Integration Coaching

Integrating big life experiences or revelational "ah ha" moments into your consciousness is what makes it meaningful and supports feeling whole & complete.   

Integration Coaching creates the space for deep processing and meaning-making.  As your coach, I will hold the space for you to stay connected to your highest vibration and version of yourself during a time that can feel confusing or uncertain. 

Perfect for: 

  • Pre & Post-Plant Medicine Ceremonies
  • Navigating Divorce
  • After an Impactful Retreat Experience 
  • After a Spiritual Experience
  • Adapting to a Major Life Stage Change

Any of the above-mentioned and so much more will benefit immensely from intentional integration coaching. 

Learn More About Integration Coaching

Personal Coaching

Sometimes you know exactly what you want  - other times, it's more complicated.

Working 1:1 is the most powerful and effective way to make your sacred dreams a reality.

My coaching is not cookie-cutter because YOU are not cookie-cutter.  You're unique and you deserve to have your experience consciously crafted so you can be met where you're at!  

  • Build Confidence & Self-Worth
  • Cultivate a life resourced to thrive and prosper
  • Express Yourself - find your voice & bring back the joy and play in your life
  • Develop your intuition & integrate your spiritual self into everyday life. 

Upgrade your inner operating system and eliminate blocks. 

While the blocks holding you back are revealed you will unlock your power and feel in partnership with the deepest dimensions of yourself - that's integration. 

Learn More About Working 1:1

Relationship Coaching

When we're triggered by someone or something that someone does - it's hard. This is also where we get to go directly to the source within and find the turnaround.

Perfect for individuals & couples who want to focus specifically on their relationship(s). 

For couples coaching, you will receive both individual and couples sessions.  

It is important to understand that this is not about affirming who's right or wrong.  

Relationship coaching will support healthy communication - both transmitting with integrity and listening from a heart-centered place. 

Perfect for: 

  •  When you don't feel like you're on the same page as your partner anymore (and really don't want things to end - but they can't go on like they are)
  • Couples who want to get better at communicating so they can skip the fight and relate from a place of clarity & compassion.
  • Individuals who struggle to be in relationships for very long before things turn south. 

If you're uncertain how to create a different dynamic... This is for you! 

Learn More About Relationship Coaching

Personal Leadership & Business Coaching


Whether you're leading a team at work or leading yourself through your business or life - it all starts from within.   Step into your leadership - and watch everything change. 

Personal Leadership & Business Coaching is for anyone who wants to experience feeling consistently grounded and confident in any situation, and every aspect of their business, life, and relationships. 

Perfect for... 

Entrepreneurs who: 

  • Are tired of the rollercoaster of unworthiness and imposter syndrome every time they put themselves out there.
  • Enter a fear and shame spiral with every unsubscribe.  
  • Have spent thousands of $$$$ on biz strategy  - and still can't seem to make it work.  

Team Leaders who: 

  • Want to feel confident and earn trust and respect as a leader making an impact.
  • Want to feel more comfortable with confrontation and having difficult conversations. 
Choose The Package That Will Best Serve You

You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life.

Work With Suzy


12 Sessions:  $2,000

8 Sessions: $1,500

5 Sessions: $1,000

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Get Started Package




✔️ self-guided homework,

✔️ access to all of my client-only content and videos 

✔️ 2 VIP coaching sessions

✔️ Access to the Embodied Living Community

 *For couples this package is $1997  with 2 additional sessions so we can meet together and individually. 

* Must be fulfilled within 2 months.

Perfect for: 

  • Those new to coaching.

  • Those who want to get to know me before a longer-term commitment.

  • Couples who are at different places with their confidence in the coaching process. 
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Total Reset Package




✔️ Everything in the "Get Started" Package

✔️ 2-3 live coaching sessions per month

✔️ Full access to me between sessions via the Telegram or Signal app


✔️ Access to the Pathways To Self-Love self-paced digital course. 


Clients can roll into this package from the "Get Started" Package if they decide they'd like to go further. 


Perfect for: 

  • Those committed to the exploration. 

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Radical Transformation Package




✔️ Everything in the "Total Reset" Package (including the BONUS) for a 12-month duration.



✔️ Access to the Emerge self-paced digital course.


Clients can roll into this package from the "Get Started" Package if they decide they'd like to go further. 


Perfect for: 

    • Those who are fully committed to creating a shift 


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12 Sessions:  $2,000

8 Sessions: $1,500

5 Sessions: $1,000

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How I coach...


As a Life Coach and certified Deep Coach, I use practices that support spiritual partnering with all of my clients.  This means, our connection goes beyond transactional.  I attune with you on the energetic plane to foster what wants to emerge through you naturally.    

This process helps you to identify, reclaim, and embody your self-energy or life-force energy so that you can (re)experience the innocence, innate power, and wisdom of your true self.  

You lead! My partnership and guidance are 100% in service to the direction you want to go. I will help you break through old patterns and barriers when they begin to creep in -  but you steer the ship. 

All of my coaching and mentoring, regardless of whether it's with individuals or couples, focuses on the relationship with self first. 

Your relationship with self impacts every part of your life. 

Together we'll explore your internal operating system and how those patterns interplay in every aspect of your life, including relationships. 


In every session, we create BRAVE space that allows you to recenter through a deep coaching style and a process of spiritual partnering.   

I teach powerful easy-to-access mindfulness tools and, embodiment practices to help you get into your physical body and emotional state where change happens easily


I offer a range of coaching pathways designed to meet different needs, budgets, and time constraints.   


I am here to partner with you at every step of your journey.


Choose the coaching & mentoring pathway that will best serve you.
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