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A Monthly Practice for Nourishment, Self-Discovery, and Presence through Movement and Meditation

Dedicated to slowing down the pace of life, reconnecting with the present moment, and tuning into the subtle energies within yourself.


It's a sacred space where you can embrace authenticity, presence, and self-awareness. 


Explore practices and techniques designed to:

✨ Cultivate mindfulness in your daily life.

✨ Reconnect with our inner wisdom and intuition.

✨ Listen deeply to our body and soul.

✨ Tune into the subtle energies that guide us.

✨ Foster a sense of community with like-minded individuals.


🗓 When: Every third Wednesday of the month.

🕛 Time: 12 PM - 1 PM EST

📍Where: The comfort of your own space - Zoom!

💲 Cost: free


Your Body Is Your First Language 


In many places in your life leading with your intellect may be your trusted guide. 

Think about all the instances where your brilliant mind took the lead! 

Here's my experience... prioritizing intellectual analysis, reason, and logic over physical sensations and your emotions creates fragmentation & distrust.


In the chaotic whirlwind of daily life, it's easy to lose sight of pretty much anything that isn't flashing before your eyes. 


As you run from one commitment to the next, navigating the maze of responsibilities, expectations, and external noise It's easy to disengage from your body all together. 

Returning To Self = A Radical Pause 

Returning To Self

A Monthly Practice for Nourishment, Self-Discovery, and Presence Through Movement and Meditation


Your guides...

Suzy Finnefrock

Suzanne Petersen

 Our mission is simple:

Co-create a safe and inclusive space where you can explore mindfulness and connect with others on a similar journey.


It's a supportive space to begin or continue your journey towards living a more mindful, authentic, and purposeful life.

Here's what you can expect:

1. Guided Mindfulness Practices: Suzanne and I are experienced guides in meditation, mindfulness and movement. We're here to support your personal growth and self-discovery journey. 

2. Holistic Approach: Our sessions combine movement and meditation, offering a well-rounded experience to help you reconnect with every aspect of yourself.

3. Authentic Connection: We believe in the power of genuine connection. Our community is welcoming, diverse, and judgment-free. Be yourself; we celebrate your authenticity.

4. Free Access: We genuinely want to make mindfulness accessible to all. That's why we're offering these sessions at no cost to you.

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