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Beginners Mind. Beginners Body.

Jan 31, 2021

This picture you see here - that's me with my full-on ugly face cry. Dancing and shedding, yet again, another layer of that which no longer serves...

I took a break from teaching Nia in September to create space for diving into my business.  This was not a decision taken lightly. To step away from the very thing that defined me for the last 13 years felt a little crazy and slightly irresponsible. At the same time, necessary. 

I imagined that even though I wasn't going to be teaching classes regularly,  I would still find playful and fun ways to stay connected with my dance community.  But that's not what happened.  In fact just the opposite. I ended up letting go of any regular movement practice altogether.  It turned out to be an unplanned experiment that I've learned so much from. 

So here I am in this moment of truth.  Breaking the inertia to get moving again feels intense.  I'm excited and relieved and also a little intimidated. 

When I was in a place of dancing/teaching regularly it wasn't easy for me to truly understand how hard it might be for someone to get themselves to a class, or make the time, or change a habit.  I was already committed after all. 

Well, once I stopped, I definitely felt the ease of NOT showing up to move and now have a very different relationship with getting started. 

When I did manage to get to classes over the last four months, I noticed I had very little endurance which showed up as lots of water breaks.  I noticed my core felt weak, my feet ached, and my body was sore the next day.  I can't tell you how long it's been since I had felt those things. 

When I say, I'm returning with a beginner's mind and beginner's body, I'm not exaggerating. AND It actually turned out to be a gift.  I have a new understanding, compassion, and respect for what it takes for someone/myself to get going.  On the flip side, I'm left with a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for those who sustain their commitment to showing up.  

I honor you no matter where you are along your own journey. 

A note to all of you who feel like it's hard to make something you know is good for you happen - I see you. 

How can I support you in getting back to class with me? 

So here we going... getting going again... 

Dance with me on Sunday mornings.  Sign up here. 


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