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Regular Sunday Nia Class is currently on VACATION!  As much as I LOVE teaching Nia regularly and believe in the importance of a devotional and dedicated practice of something that moves me toward better health, I need to take a vacation.  To rest, to play in new ways, and to be inspired.  

Go play! Swim, walk in nature, dance under the moon, hike a mountain, meet a new friend... 

Thank you for being part of this human race and we'll be back virtually with a consistent schedule in September.


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Empower, Pleasure, Play

Mark your calendars for Sundays, August 8, 15, 22, 29

We'll gather on 4 Sunday evenings at 4:30 pm and move our way to more empowered pleasure, and play! 

Here's what I've got planned: 

Week 1: Activating Root Energy - This activation of the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra is designed to have you come into a deeper place of trust within yourself and connection to earth to allow abundance and creativity to flow, and expand your capacity to live trusting your innate body wisdom. 

Empower: Breath - activating the Mula Bandha
Pleasure: Igniting sensation
Play: Flow of Energy for Inspiration

Week 2: Creating Space to Receive -  mindfully and heartfully stand in your power and sense your connection to the earth, and ask that you be fully embodied in yourself. What does my heart want today?  Embody DEVOTION. (Activating Sacral & Heart Chakra)

Empower: Patience
Pleasure: Silence
Play: Spaciousness 

Week 3: Becoming a Conduit for the Divine - the integration and balance of matter and spirit, masculine and feminine, and earth and celestial. Hold the container of sacred space and transformation for your own body and life, in your way and in your time. Strengthen your capacity to go deep within yourself and with one another. Learning to hold opposites - sun/moon, masculine/feminine, etc. Nurture truth and expand your capacity for compassion and self-love. (Activating Heart and Throat Chakra)

Empower: Duality
Pleasure: Balance
Playful: Diversity

Week 4: Awakening the Visionary - Call forth, awaken, and embody the visionary within you so that you can activate your deepest desires, plant your dream seeds, and create your sacred contract for what you are manifesting in your life. Activate your visions so that you can intentionally create the life you truly desire.  What brings you alive? What’s in alignment with your soul? That’s what we want to get present with. (Activating Third Eye and Crown Chakra)

Empower: Desire
Pleasure: Aliveness
Play: Possibility 

This series is a sliding scale and all payments may be made here on this website or in person via cash/check/Venmo/PayPal

for all 4 weeks $60-$100

drop-in: $15-$20

*While it is perfectly acceptable to pay per class, it would be AMAZING to have you present for all 4 classes.  Do what works best for you.  

** After class we will have time to be together.  You can bring your dinner and a drink and we can enjoy time together. 

Empower, Pleasure, Play


sliding scale: 4 classes


Empower, Pleasure, Play


sliding scale: 4 classes


Empower, Pleasure, Play


sliding scale: 4 classes


Andrea Grayson

Wellness Entrepreneur | Health Optimization Strategist

"I just love Suzy's classes.  She has such an inclusive and welcoming vibe that is an invitation to explore, move, and celebrate the gifts of our bodies. Wherever we may be with them. Move a little or go big, there’s always a choice to move into what feels good and right.

Practicing Nia with Suzy is like going to a personal anatomy lesson disguised as a party. There’s always so much insight as to how the body works, integrates and expresses, and we learn about it experientially. Theory becomes alive as we explore the different types of movement, how they make us feel, and how they express different parts of ourselves. Joyous. Just joyous.

Suzy is an expert teacher, coaxing us to move in ways that will awaken the body-mind connection and feel-into who we are in our bodies. She excels at inclusive cuing: every instruction is an invitation to try moving as she is moving, but to do it in OUR OWN way, embracing our body’s limitations and expansiveness.

 It is hard not to leave a class feeling uplifted and joyful, and stretched-out, and vibrating at a higher level.

 If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a class, and feel intimated about group fitness or dance classes, then Suzy’s Nia classes are a great place to jump back in. While we take inspiration from her moves and guidance leading the class, there is lots of room for self-expression and interpretation, so even if you have limited mobility you will move what you can and be transformed and freed by it.

I have deep gratitude for what she brings to the world."

Monica Beard-Raymond

Occupational Therapist

Suzy has an enthusiasm for Nia that is contagious.

She brings insights to the practice that dive deep, challenging you to have more introspection and awareness of your body. But she also brings a delight to Nia that ensures your reflective journey is fun and blissful.  And with each dance you learn more about who you are and step into what you want to be.

Jane Shustin

 Psychotherapy & Mind Body Medicine

I enjoy your teaching and positive energy. 

I love to move and Nia is such a fun way to move my whole body. The music is energizing and uplifting. When the class is over, I feel that I'm more flexible, and have released stress, toxins, and emotions. The last moments of the class help me to reflect on how I'm feeling in mind, body, and spirit, and to continue to release. It's a great way to start the day. The more classes I attend, the more I feel I'm building strength, balance, and flexibility.