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Everyday Embodiment Summit - Virtual Event

Empower, Pleasure, Play

Exploring embodiment as the root of radiance. 

It is time for an awakening. 
A time of reclamation. 
It's time for an embodiment revolution!

Join feminine embodiment leaders from around the world for a FREE virtual event.

All conversations are recorded so you can watch or listen on your time. 

Tune into the innate wisdom of your body.

Be guided through practices and drop into your body and out of your head.

By the end of this summit, you'll have many opportunities to deepen into what embodiment means to YOU, be inspired to explore new ways of connecting with your body and be supported with new practices you can use every day. 


BONUS ⍆ 3 LIVE events to create a collective energy of connection throughout the event.

Join the sisterhood rising in joy & radiance. 



Conversations Released October 11th, 18th, & 25th 

LIVE events throughout the entire summit;

*see the schedule of events below


Sensual Movement Exploration

A LIVE Virtual Event...

RSVP anywhere on this page for the Everyday Embodiment Summit to join the Sensual Movement Exploration.
👑 Lindsay Marten Ellis, 👑 Beth Clayton, 👑 Maria Tolshyk, and I  (Suzy Finnefrock) will be guiding you through unique ways to connect with our sensuality.
This is an opportunity to tune into your divinity and express yourself in a safe space with master teachers.
It's going to be juicy, playful, pleasurable, and empowering!

Monday, October  25th, 7 pm est


RSVP & join us!

Dive into...

 abundance, breathwork, somatic experiencing, sacred sensuality, sovereign sexuality,  the power of music and dance, body awareness practices, the importance of community support, and so much more.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to follow what your body naturally desires?

Then you're in the right place.
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Meet some of the most inspiring leaders in embodiment from around the world... 

Tanya Lynn

Healing the Collective Sister Wound Through Circle


Sofiah Thom

Our Womb As Our Pleasure Temple

Dr. Jinju Dasalla

Activate Your Goddess Brain™ with the Medicine of Flow 

Kathleen Booker

Get Stability With Your Breath


Michelle Lynn

The Secret Art of Breast Massage - Creating Everyday Magic

Sarah Sherwood

Moving Through Our Fear Of Uncertainty

 Nikki Stearns

Sacred Sexuality for Sovereignty 

Nina Be

10 Promises of Yoga Movement & Journaling Peace


Dr. Martha Eddy 

Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation

Michelle Boulé 

How Making Money Is Easy

Krissy Leonard

Embodied Visioning + Goal Setting For More Income + Impact

Adele Wang  

The Feminine Dance of Polarity in Embodiment 

Laurie Bass

The Voice of Your Body

Cordelia Zafiropulo

Being Aligned with Your Voice


Stephenie Zamora

Three ways to Start Living Life Fully Expressed

Elissa Arnheim

Food & Physiology Secrets to FEEL AWESOME

Natasha Daubney

Own Your Magic

Feather Rose Marie

The Erotic as a Resource

Elisa Keeler

Soaring Through Song

Kelle Rae Oien

Nia - A Self-Expressive Art

Linda Parker

LIVE Vision Boarding Workshop:  October 18th, 7 PM EST

Christina Bisirri, Lyn Hunter, Jo Drinkwater, Isabelle Bridges Boech

Women Supporting Women: Monday, October 11th

Lindsay Martin Ellis, Beth Clayton, Maria Tolstykh

LIVE  Sensual Movement Exploration: October 25th, 7 PM EST

Join the sisterhood rising in Joy & Radiance

3 weeks of expert guidance in embodiment.

Receive practices you can implement immediately.