Enough is Enough

We began receiving mixed messages about what it means to be a woman at a very young age.  

In fact, before we could even have memories our family dynamics were leaving imprints on a cellular level. 

In addition to what we learned about being a woman from our mothers, fathers, and other guardians - what impact and impression did magazines, TV, and other societal influences have on us? 

I firmly believe that by reflecting on our past, relationships and experiences, we get to acknowledge where our beliefs have grown from. From this place, we can create sustainable change from an empowered place that honors our life experience but doesn't dwell in it.  We use the information that we become aware of to redirect our trajectory. 

 I believe to my core that our Great Mother, Mother Earth, needs us to rise up as women.

We are the bearers of children the keepers of peace and harmony. 

In this patriarchal society, we've been taught that overachieving is how we succeed. For women to have value and worth in a man's world we must sacrifice. 

This is why we have been split from our feminine spirit for so long...  It subconsciously demonstrates that a woman's way is not to be trusted or valued and along the way we've lost our ability to trust and value each other. 

Eventually, this leads to feeling alone, burnt out, shut down, and cut off from our own joy and each other - forgetting our connection to self, source, and our sisters.

When we can't trust each other there is a need to compete, to compare, to judge, and to criticize one another. 

This has prolonged sister wounding and I am here to say,  "IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY." 

Enough is enough. 

There is a new way of being together as women and this way embraces EVERY aspect of what makes us human while nurturing the threads of our uniqueness. 

We do this by tuning in to: 

Our bodies - learning to trust and to move our body in pleasurable ways, to LOVE our body, to LISTEN to our body, to embrace our sensuality, sexuality, and expression.  

Our emotions - as women we've been deemed as too emotional. It's no wonder we are afraid to feel and show our emotions.  If we don't have it all together we're considered weak, irrational, depressed, not fun to be around, unpredictable, and our intuition not trustworthy.  

Our minds - as women we have been conditioned as being second rate to men, needing to prove ourselves in ways that are finally beginning to shift, but there is still a lot of healing that needs to be done within each individual woman so we can put an end to carrying this forward into future generations. 

Our spirits - our spirit is our unique expression of us.   There's so much hate and conflict around the world anchored in differing religious beliefs, race, and class. Our modern society has become more forgiving and accepting, but you and I both know there are so too many people in the world who experience inconceivable injustices.  We must not take our freedom of spiritual expression for granted.  Think about it less as spiritual and more as a soulful expression.  

What we get to do together is uncover the aspects of ourselves that we know live within us that are ready to be unlocked and revealed. 

We do the "work" on ourselves in community with other women. We learn how to be in community with women and how to be our most authentic selves without fear of judgment or rejection. 

Being in a circle of women makes it possible to learn and practice self-compassion and compassion for others.  We learn how to become better listeners to both ourselves and others, and we learn how to hold space for ourselves and others so that we can show up in any situation, no matter how challenging, feeling equipped to navigate with grace, compassion, and dignity. 

When we marry mindfulness and conscious movement in concert with community, there is a great awakening that occurs individually and collectively. 

"Suzy is an amazing leader. She is wise, intuitive, compassionate, and leads from the heart. She has a tremendous ability to listen, to respond, to meet people where they are, and to fan the flame of growth and more inspired living in all those she works with.

I have worked with Suzy as a  participant in her workshops and also as a co-facilitator. She truly knows how to bring out the best in people and is a joy to be around."

Elisa S. Keeler
Light on the Hill retreat facilitator
MA Transpersonal Psychology
Founder of Freeing Your Voice

Suzy has been guiding mindful movement for over 13 years using the Nia Technique.  Her passion is for going deep to help women transform limiting life patterns and habits with embodied wisdom. 

Her desire to go even deeper for even greater transformation led her to facilitate women's circles.  Now she is using the powerful combination of Movement, Mindfulness, and Connection to help women rebirth into their true feminine nature and create sustainable change in their lives so that they can flourish and thrive.  Suzy brings a background in human development, leadership training, massage therapy, mindfulness training, life coaching, and trauma-informed expertise to her work with women.