$22.00 USD

Pathways To Divinity

"There is a natural consequence for a woman when she takes the time and attention to learn herself sensually. She becomes an endless source of radiance, her whole life long. She has an internal glow that is timeless and undiminishable by age."  - Mama Gena


During this retreat, you're invited to: 

  • Explore the shadow qualities of yourself that keep you playing small.

  • Embody pleasure as a way to unlock your life force energy and activate your turn-on.

  • Express the radiance that is your birthright  - your divinity! 


What is Divinity?

The quality or state of being divine. 

At the moment of conception, your divinity was instated.  


But we were born into a world unable to nurture our divine consciousness. 

Our task today is to unlearn & rewrite our own rules of engagement. 

We get to reorganize & reintegrate what it means to be in our divinity for ourselves and for all future generations.   

We get to release the doubt of our power and potential and any suspicion we carry around our ability to authentically connect to our truth and to each other. 


The pathway to divinity is through your radiance.

This journey is for you to elevate yourself and function with more joy & ease, and at a higher frequency.   

To experience limitless unbridled pleasure, it requires embracing all dimensions of your humanity. 

You embrace your humanity by mastering pathways to self-love. 

Loving yourself and your body unconditionally requires embracing all of the experiences that have brought you to this moment without judgment.