imagine your community... 

You feel safe to breathe, stretch, and grow. 


Celebrate, heal, grieve and pray in community.  


You feel supported, seen, heard and nourished through unconditional love.

You can live your magic and be with others as

they do the same. 



We were never meant to walk this life on our own.

We have forgotten how to build a community around ourselves that serves us in the ways we need at a soul level.

We've been taught a form of rugged individualization that has created a false sense of what we think we "should" be able to do on our own


Break free from who you think you should be and start living the fulfilling life you deserve - together!  


“This is where we get to be together differently. Where we remember, reconnect, and reclaim what it means to be women in community.”

- Suzy Finnefrock  

We Gather Here To: 

⭐️ Build Sacred Heart-Centered Community

⭐️ Nurture Healthy Relationships

⭐️ Cultivate Resources & Skills for Personal Mastery

⭐️ Consciously CoCreate A New World of Divine Feminine  Leadership

“If the problems of the world are relational problems, then changing habitual ways of relating to allow room for creativity and imagination greatly enhances the potential for changing oppressive systems.” 

~Chris Burris

We are the Sacred Heart Community

Gates Opening Soon