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What you can expect joining our virtual circle:

When we gather in circle, whether it's in person or virtually, we always co-create a sacred container where we can deepen into connection. Each month we are invited to take a deep dive into topics that are pertinent to how we show up in this life every day. Embodiment practices are how we deepen and integrate our insights. We activate awareness as the portal to true freedom of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It's empowering to sense confidence in expressing ourselves fully and to feel whole and free. Circle is where we can let go of real and perceived burdens and connect to source energy to guide us.

In each circle, we dedicate time for personal check-ins as a way to get to know each other, sharing both celebrations and challenges. This helps us clear the space so that we can create more space to receive the gifts of circle. Circle holds the energy of the masculine in the structure and framework of our circle, as well as the feminine in the spaciousness, acceptance, non-judgemental container we co-create. What is shared in circle is strictly confidential and held in the highest regard. There is a quality of nourishment when we spend time together leaning in and supporting one another. Our goal is to cultivate and build a community of empowered, compassionate, and aware women. We invite you to join us, and look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the circle.

"Circle was absolutely wonderful and magical- I couldn't believe the synchronicities between my partner and me!!!  I so appreciated the movement, mixed with mystery, magic, and ritual. You have a gift! Thank you for sharing!!!" ~anonymous

How to attend virtual circles:

  • Register for the circle
  • You'll receive a separate email with zoom log-in details.
  • Prepare your space ahead of time (See "Preparing for Virtual Circles" below and download your Preparing for Circle Guide👇🏼)
  • Plan to log-in early to test audio and video. Sometimes it requires a restart to get it going.
  • Virtual doors open 15 minutes prior to circle to help create the mood and the space.
Download Preparing for Circle Guide

The next circle will be posted soon...

  • Privacy - Set aside two uninterrupted hours for yourself. This is your time to give to yourself. You will need privacy.
  • Sharing - during the introduction you'll be asked what are you bringing to the circle. One word of whatever is alive for you in that moment.
  • Sacred Space - Create a sacred space for yourself to practice in. If you are going to carve out the time to attend - make is feel special. If you’ve been to a physical gathering, you see what meticulous attention goes into creating the space we work in. At a minimum arrive early to the call to settle in. You want your space to feel safe and inviting. Make it feel sacred. 
  • Technical Non-Issues- Make sure you get your audio and video sorted out before the start of the meeting so you don’t have to fuss with it when we begin. 
  • Don't Rush - Please arrive on time.  Make sure you log-in as close to 6:45 p.m EST as possible, sit, and ground yourself.  This is your time, ease into the experience. Sit, and ground into the moment. We play music to ease you in. We start promptly at 7:00 PM EST.
  • Structure - We begin with an opening meditation and invocation (calling in the circle), then introductions, exploring the intention for the circle that night including rituals, movement, and sharing.  What you share here, stays here in absolute privacy. 
  • Honor The Container  - Arrive early.  We honor ourselves and listen to our bodies. Everyone is encouraged to lean in, take responsibility for herself, and leave expectations and labels at the "door". 
  • Integration - Our circles are close to the Full Moon.  Plan time after circle to integrate - take a walk under the full moon.  Take a bath with salts and oils, journal, or meditate.  Do yourself a favor and do your best not to "jump" right back in.  Take time to integrate. 
  • Potential Triggers - Sometimes movement or some rituals may take us deep into spaces within the body where we hold pain and sometimes trauma. You are in a safe container and letting go and leaning in is encouraged but if by chance, you find yourself feeling triggered, we ask that you send a private message to Suzy. Then stay after the circle to work with her to help you move the energy. If it comes up or you are feeling stuck after circle has closed, please message me so we can set up a call to check-in.  Suzy is a certified Life Coach and skilled in using the RAIN technique as well as FOCUSING to help gain insight and clarity.  Contacting your Mental Health Practitioner is also advisable.