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The Power of Pleasure

There was once a time when the Feminine was honored and revered by all.

 When all stages of womanhood were honored and her body was held sacred.

 A time when she was not shamed or judged for being too powerful, too sensual, too much in her pleasure.

And then everything began to change.  The focus was torn away from the feminine and she was suppressed and persecuted until she feared to show the essence of herself.  Hiding away all that makes her so magical.

For the modern-day woman, this looks like putting everyone else first, finishing her to-do list, before entertaining her pleasure.

It looks like feeling shamed and judged for being too-much, when she’s turned on and magnetic.

It is time for that to stop!

It is in our pleasure, that we get to be fully present and fulfilled with our lives.

 It is in our pleasure, that we become beacons of light, radiating and attracting everything we need for a life led by soul. 

At this month’s circle, it’s time to up the ante, as you reclaim your power, presence, and pleasure.

It is time to cross the threshold of discomfort and step into the cave of desire.  To tap into your cravings and allow them to be satisfied.

Come to circle and experience:

✨ MEDITATION to awaken shakti, your divine feminine power

✨ MOVEMENT to transform yourself into a powerful, sexy Goddess

 ✨ INTIMATE SHARING to discover what stands in the way of living a pleasure-filled life

✨ RITUAL to bring a deeper presence to the way you connect with your body


Let us come together in Circle and create a safe space to be held and witnessed as we reclaim all that we are and all that we desire to be.  It is in Circle that we remember our birthright to take up space and be here authentically, vulnerably, bravely as we create our lives.