Deep in the heart of every woman I've ever met... 

There is an insatiable desire for true emotional freedom and radical self-acceptance.

Allow yourself to be drawn closer to the truth of who you are and who you are meant to be, become a deliberate creator of your life. 

Are you ready? 

Yes! I am ready.
"When the voice and the vision on the inside become more clear and loud than the opinions on the outside, you have mastered your life." 
 -Dr. John F. Demortini

This is available for you too...


When we step in to holding sacred space with women, we heal not only ourselves but the women who have come before us as well as those yet to come.  

I'm ready to join the sisterhood.
"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women."
-Maya Angelou

From Your Full Circle Sisters...

Laurie Smyda

“I was witnessed and held without anyone needing to give feedback or direction. After the program, I am calmer. The piece of me within that got witnessed, heard, and held isn’t screaming at me anymore. I feel seen, I feel nourished and supported.  I’ve just never really been seen, and that is what I came to the program for. To do the emotional work.”

Jules Miles

“Full circle allowed me to be my true self. Through journaling, reading, traveling through the heroine’s journey, embodiment practices, circling in sacred space, honoring the parts of me that needed ritual, to be heard, and to listen: I was able to balance my masculine and feminine and it’s helped me become a better person - a better parent and a better partner. I believe that circles are going to change the world. Everyone needs to do it.”

Gretchen Sterba

“Before joining full circle I was feeling lost, and not connected to myself. I have a strong masucline aspect of myself and I wanted to dive deeper into my intuitive self.  I was looking for a guide for the next steps I needed to take.  I wanted to be in the present moment and be open and vulnerable.  and I said yes to Full Circle to shake things up and find a new way to work on these things for myself.  My biggest takeaway is that I CAN trust women. I lost my mother at a young age and I’ve had a hard time trusting women. My feminine spirit is opening and I’m learning that I can trust women and that I want to cultivate more relationships with them.  Full Circle is a journey into yourself -into the parts of you that have always been with you.  The parts that are ancestral. Full Circle is a gift to ourselves of, “Hey, I’m here for you and you may start speaking again and you may move and share your feelings.” It has stirred the things that I’ve ignored. I am paying attention to my body sensations and sharing that with my children. To honor what comes in them.  I have struggled with a lot of doubt and shame in my life and to be in a container where I wasn't judged was so validating. I matter.”

Does your life reflect what you truly desire?

My dear sister,

You are the infinite field of unfolding possibility and you're in the perfect place to begin your journey.  
All of the abundance you desire is available for you, but you have to want it bad enough, and you have to be intentional about getting it.
Be guided through the process of dissolving the programing, beliefs, and expectations that keep you from living your desires.
You are not alone.
I am here for you.
There is an entire circle of women ready for you too.
We're waiting for you.
Are you ready?
All My Love,  


Full Circle is for the woman who...


  • Feels the call to grow, expand, & emerge fully into herself
  • Is ready to get to the root of and disrupt the limiting beliefs and old stories once and for all
  • Wants to understand and feel her feminine wisdom
  • Wants to tap into unlimited pleasure and feel confident & sexy in her own skin
  • Desires healthier, happier, deeper, and more meaningful relationships with kids, partner, friends, & colleagues
  • Wants to feel and sustain feeling fluid & free, strong & agile in her body, mind, emotions, & spirit
  • Wants to be held and supported by a like-minded community of awakened visionary women exploring at the same depth
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Enrollment is OPEN for February 2022!


Take a moment to learn more about how to activate your Embodied Wisdom.

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Taking the first step...

There is no way to fully convey all there is to share about Full Circle on this webpage. It is so helpful to book a call to have the chance to connect in person.   

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"We are continuously birthing new versions of ourselves. Every new experience, every life event - adding a new dimension, a new context for how we engage with our environment. Sometimes these life events can take us off guard. They might leave us feeling overwhelmed and derail us from what we're doing or where we want to go. In addition to external out-of-our-control life happenings, own stories, fears, and limiting beliefs make it easy to get caught in a cycle that's hard to break free of.

When we become more conscious and aware of our body, our mindset, and the natural cycles and rhythms of life, how we experience and respond to life changes. When we feel empowered and step-in to our leadership even the most difficult circumstances / conversations / interactions can become easy, full of curiosity, compassion, and even enjoyable. It all starts with the right tools, practices, and mindset."

Full Circle's One Focus:

(RE)Connect you to your innate power & body wisdom.


The main intentions (outcomes):

  • Lasting transformation in your life
  • Create space and a path to cultivate deeper, more enjoyable, and easier connections to self and others
  • Activate all of your senses to live a sensory-rich and responsive life.
  • Empower and support women to unapologetically offer their gifts to the world
  • Tend the garden of your soul so you may live confidently in your power, depth, breadth, and presence

What you can expect by the end of 6 Months: 


  • Development of practices to sustain a healthy body, mind, emotions, & spirit
  • Learn easily adaptable tools to build and support those practices
  • An understanding of how to integrate the shadow side of self as a source of empowerment
  • Explore, embrace, & embody masculine and feminine energies
  • Learn how to use masculine and feminine energy to navigate relationships
  • Deepen your relationship with your divine feminine source
  • Understand what it means to own your leadership
  • Activate and Embolden your voice
  • Sense feeling supported by women who expect nothing in return
  • Identify & let go of what no longer serves you
  • Create more space for what nourishes you
  • Freedom from habits, behaviors, and patterns that keep you from living in alignment with your highest self
  • Shift from living in fear to living in love.Healing of shame and self-judgment

You will walk away with a framework that will support you well beyond our 12 weeks together. This is a proven path to develop a deep, loving, and reverent relationship with your body that will be reflected in your life.

Program Includes:


Weekly Circles: Every other circle is 2.5 hours, the "other" week is a group call to go deeper into the content. Each week builds on the next. Circles are designed for introspection, insight, and clarity in order to heal, understand, and grow. Our journey is rooted in embodiment, leadership, and mindfulness. We'll explore the multi-dimensionality of our humanness and how our unique experiences influence how we show up in our own lives and in our relationships. This program will help you open up to your fullest, deepest, widest, richest capacity - alive in all of your senses using movement, mindfulness, and connection.

Welcome gift: When you commit - I'll send you a book, a 100% beeswax pillar candle, essential oils, and a little love note from me to you.

Individual Coaching: Each woman receives 1 monthly private coaching call with Suzy. (6 total)

Group Coaching:  Group coaching calls happen in between our core circles. This a  place to bring insights and challenges for reflections and support.

Access to additional monthly Women's Embodiment Circles.

Access to all weekly Nia classes/recordings during the program.

Sisterhood: each woman in this circle becomes a friend, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a healer, and a teacher: a mirror for us all.

A sacred sister accountability partner to support you around your purpose, relationships, assignments, practices, challenges, and more.

Lifelong practices: including embodied movement, mindfulness, leadership, and spiritual practices that will support you far beyond the program time frame.

A private online community to stay connected and support each other outside of our time in the program.


Discover what it feels like to sense deep love and trust for yourself, attune to your intuition, and move through life’s joys and trials with confidence, intentionality, and integrity.

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Is this the right fit for you? 

It's really important that this program is what you need.  Schedule your interview with Suzy today to discuss what your desires are for your life rightnow. 

Full Circle is an intensive emersion program that is guaranteed to deliver results. AND it's not for someone who isn't ready to do deep inner work. 

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Is this for you?

If you... 

  • Want to be in relationships that are meaningful and supportive, especially sister friends
  • Feel the desire or need to go deeper into your inner realms to heal or shift and either don't know where to start, or you don't want to do it alone
  • Find yourself with strong emotions that often consume your attention for long periods of time such as anger, grief, resentment, judgment, fear, frustration
  • Are asking yourself, “how did I get here?” or "is this what my life is going to be?"
  • Feel like you've lost your sense of self in parenting, partnering, or profession
  • Want to move through struggles with greater ease, compassion, and awareness
  • Are ready to let go of the masks that keep you from fully expressing yourself
  • Desire more ease and calm while simultaneously feeling more alive, alert, & aware
  • Want to balance your masculine and feminine energy
  • Have aspects of your whole self that you are healing (body, mind, emotions, spirit)
  • Feel alone and find it difficult to cultivate meaningful friendships

There are a limited number of spaces available for this program.

There are also a limited number of scholarships. 

No sister left behind! Reach out.  

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