What does it mean to be embodied? 

That's exactly what we're going to explore... 

You'll hear from leaders around the world share what embodiment means to them.  They are also sharing their favorite practices that we can implement immediately. When you walk away from this summit you'll have a deeper understanding of what embodiment means to you, be inspired to explore new ways of connecting to your body and be supported with new practices you can use every day. 

Join the global community of people rising in the power of joy & presence. 


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We'll  dive into...

 breathwork, somatic experiencing, sacred sensuality, transformation using plant medicine, cycle syncing, the power of music and dance, body awareness practices, the importance of community support, and so much more.

Are you ready to give yourself permission to follow what your body already knows?

Then you're in the right place.
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Meet some of the most inspiring leaders in embodiment from around the world... 

Event Featured Speaker

Tanya Lynn

Costa Rica

1 Million Women's Circles & The Power of Sisterhood

Dr. Ela Manga

South Africa 

The ART of Breathwork

Dr. Cassandra Wilder

United States

Embodying Womb Wisdom

Jenna Ward


Making Body Based Decisions


Kathleen Booker

United States

Your Body ON Breath

Michelle Phillips

Unites States

Confidence Feels Beautiful

Michelle Lynn

Unites States

Feminine Alchemy

Sarah Sherwood

Unites States

Your Body is Your Greatest Ally

 Nikki Stearns

Unites States

Embodying Erotic Energy for Healing

Fiona McCoss


Rewilding The Feminine

Sandra Washington

New Zealand

Permission to Feel: Cultivating Safety in the Body

Nina Be

United States

Embodiment for Transforming Trauma into Wisdom as a Spiritual Practice

Hope McGrath

Unites States

The Power of Self-Love & Personal Style

Paul Linden

Unites States

Body Awareness as Spirituality

Michelle Boulé

Unites States

Embody Your Success


Krissy Leonard

Unites States

Embodying feminine leadership: create more income + impact

Adele Wang

Unites States

FInd Your Embodiment Mojo

Shane Kulman

Unites States

Let's Get Awkward 

Laurie Bass

Unites States

Movement Medicine for Body + Soul

Cordelia Zafiropulo


The Voice as a Unique Tool for Embodiment

Karen & Mel

Unites States

Embodied Confidence



Amanda Clarke


Blazing the self-love trail

Julia Schneider 


How To Embody Your Destiny

Ellie Peterson

United States

Meditative Movements

Dr. Martha Eddy 

Unites States

BodyMind Dancing - Embodiment through the Art of Movement

Join the community rising in the power of joy & presence.

Over the course of 6 days, receive interviews delivered to your email inbox so that you can watch or listen whenever and wherever works for you.

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