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This LIVE event is just 8 days - during which 23 experts will guide you into experiencing your embodied wisdom.

It’s all here for you.

We are being required to show up in our lives like never before. 

The way now is through the body.


Have you been trying to hold it all together?  

Feeling strapped, stressed, tired, or alone?

Ready for something (anything) to shift?

Then this Masterclass Experience is for you!

Shake off what's been bothering you.

Move through what's been holding you back.

Learn how to trust your inner guidance to make your life easier. 

Amplify your life force energy to propel getting out of the trance. 


Every Masterclass Session provides...

A space for you to relax the stressors of your mind and body. 

Connect to the spirit of your soul.

Access your optimal state of being. 

Your FREE Masterclass Ticket Awaits... 

Virtual Event | Live and Pre-Recorded Sessions Daily









Meet Your Masterclass Facilitators: 

Leyolah Antara

Embodying Erotic Divinity

Sofiah Thom

Temple Body Activation

Q'orianka Cornejo

 Pachamama's Love & Soul

Maureen St. Germain

How You Can Get Into 5D and Stay There

Dr. Valerie Poppel

Awakening & Transformation of Desire

Pi Venus Winslow

End People-Pleasing Without Feeling Guilty

Janet Raftis & Ina Lukas

Aligning With and Activating the Cycles of Gaia Within You

Nicole Pemberton

Mystic Goddess Activation 

Adrienne Rivera

Breathwork - The Most Powerful Tool To Manifest Your Desires

Judith Corvin-Blackburn

Reclaiming Our 5D Nature to Change Our World

Toni Bergins


The Future of Healing is Through Movement, Sound, and Expression.

Cat LaCohie

Unleash Your Inner Vixen

Lindsay Marten Ellis

The Holy Trinity: Unlock the Three Sacred Key Codes to Embody Your Innate Divinity

Dr. Julieta Rushford Santiago

Emotional Freedom with Aromatherapy

Erica Ross

Open Studio: Move & Create

Kelly Skinner

Sacred Movement & Mantra

Elisa Keeler

Freeing Your Voice

Erin Sepic

Stay Grounded and Centered in The World Today

Geri Ann Higgins

Tarot Embodiment 

Elissa Arnheim

Know Your Inner-Knowing: Love Both Healthy & Cravings

Siri Baruc Thornton

Mountain Breathwork infused with Reiki

Heather Egginton

How to cultivate truth, trust, and love as your guides.  

Miranda Bre

Ascended Medicine  

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